What’s Nether Coin?

Well, the Nether is the first token that invented the personality exchange.

Also on the Nether NFT platform, every Influencer or VIP who is listed gets tools to become an "NFT Artist" and turn their content into NFT!

Imagine Nether NFT as Instagram. The same! Except that to access the content you have to hold at least some tokens of the personality you intend to follow.

Imagine that the personality in question creates confidential digital products or services that can only be paid for with his personality token.

Influencer with the crypto
soaring through the sky

Every day we come across assets and cryptocurrencies that are born and then eventually they die. A single tweet from someone influential is enough to send a cryptocurrency soaring through the sky and the same tweet is enough to bring it down.

The one thing that we can take away from this is that those assets or the entire market itself is no more influenced by real facts; instead it is influenced by real people, often those who are influential.

If the actual value of the asset no longer matters, what it is that actually matters?

Measure of
property value

The answer is simple, all assets, in whatever market they may be found, are based on a single supreme asset that is human personality.

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Let's See Infomation!

Download the whitepaper below to learn how we at Netheru are tokenizing the biggest, most powerful asset i.e. human personality to work by using non-fungible token (NFT) mechanisms, to help you find its true value.

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